August 2005

Aug 30, '05



A photographer I've been watching for years now. Phil Toledano has mastered the use of subtle, elegant light. Breathtaking minimalism. His photos make you want to lick them. And now he's getting commissioned to do great stuff for fancy bag companies.

Aug 29, '05



The information aesthetics weblog keeping you up to date on "creative information visualization." I like.

Aug 29, '05

BD-1 tokyo attack


I can't curb my fettish for BD-1 ("Birdy" in the rest of the world) folding bicycles. In my opinion they're one of the best looking, most functional folding bikes out there. Here in Japan the obsession runs wide and deep.

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Aug 25, '05

information mauro


Have been following the blog of Mauro Cherubini lately. Frequent interesting posts on all sorts of data visualization goodness.

Aug 24, '05

mapping terrorism


William Drenttel of Design Observer writes a well thought out piece on the problems with emotionless -- in a sense unidimensional -- mapping of terrorism data.

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