Intense Book Binding

September 13, 2005

If the next book project I work on requires only a couple of copies, has insanely weighty content, and isn't on a tight schedule then I'm calling up someone from The Society of Bookbinders. This is some breathtaking bookmaking.

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That's weird that you put this post up, because during a meeting at work today, I was daydreaming about making a single, beautiful book filled with original writings and artwork. I pictured a stunningly bound, "blank" book being passed around to different artists and writers for, say, a year and then, I don't know, auctioning it off alongside a Van Gogh.

Sep 14, 2005 - 12:37 AM

Well, D, now you know where to go to get it!

Sep 14, 2005 - 01:57 PM

Yup. This is gonna be so awesome...

Sep 14, 2005 - 04:55 PM

Crap. It's already been done!

Sep 15, 2005 - 03:52 PM

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