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September 2, 2005

Making some changes to the way US news stories are incorperated into Buzztracker results. This should hopefully account for the bizarre lack of international news regarding the recent and ongoing New Orleans events.

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Will these changes result in a bigger red dot over New Orleans?

I was expecting to see a huge red spot over the entire U.S. with, like, 100% of the stories about the Big Easy. I must say I was a little relieved when I didn't see this, because an all-consuming red splotch dominating the screen means one thing: bad, bad news.

That said, the situation in NO is indeed horrifically bad. And here is where I'll end this rambling post.

Sep 02, 2005 - 06:52 PM

In theory, yes, there should be a bigger dot over New Orleans.

Considering how frighteningly horrible things are over there right now, I'd say it has certainly earned it.

Sep 02, 2005 - 07:20 PM

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