October 2005

Oct 30, '05

Designing DYK: part 1


I'll be the first to admit that my approach to the creative process is as scattered as anyone's. Perhaps most detrimental to me getting anything done is that my "on" and "off" modes are so polarized and intense that when I'm "on" and working, I usually work until physical exhaustion takes me down over the course of a week or a month. And when I'm "off," attempting to get back on track is like trying to push a buffalo onto a ski-lift.

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Oct 24, '05

turning down the bright lights in the big city


I don't think it's a big mystery that light has an effect on one's mental health. Good lighting is certainly one of my highest prerequisites when I'm looking for a place to live. The fact that apartments which receive better sunlight are usually more expensive hints that most people feel the same way.

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Oct 24, '05

adobe = slow, apple = fast


I decided to upgrade my copy of Indesign before embarking on the layout of the latest Chin Music Press Book, Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans. Wow, Adobe's servers are slow.

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Oct 14, '05

the expat demographic


Apple announced a new video iPod yesterday. However, I think the most important bit of information from yesterday's announcement is the offering of video in the iTunes store. People in all the usually Apple forums are complaining the quality is a little too low or Why would you want to pay for something you can Tivo, etc etc ... Well, while I'm sure I'm in a fraction of a fraction of a minority, because I'm living here in Tokyo there is no physically possible way to access US TV.

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Oct 11, '05

who needs nielsen


Wanna know what geeky white guys are into on TV? Assuming the bit-torrent based TV downloading demographic is mainly white, male and above average in tech savviness, it's plausible that bit torrent seeding numbers are a reasonably good marker for what these guys like.

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Oct 11, '05

canned coffee goes global



Finally, it's done. After months and months of ... procrastination and stagnation, we worked like maniacs over this holiday weekend and finished it. http://www.cannedcoffee.com.

Go, drink, and maybe even buy something!

Oct 03, '05

space: compact living


Space: Japanese Design Solutions for Compact Living

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