space: compact living

October 3, 2005

Space: Japanese Design Solutions for Compact Living

"Space is a photographic exploration of Japanese architecture and design in size-constricted areas, exploring imaginative, ingenious, and revolutionary solutions to space-compromised living. Masters in the art of managing small spaces, the Japanese in their design have given rise to a particular style of ingenuity."

When you first arrive in Japan the lack of personal space is quite arresting but you acclimate quickly. I wouldn't say Tokyo is abound with brilliant space saving solutions -- I think it's much more of a case of there being less clutter in the small spaces people do have. Or at least a conscientious attempt to manipulate yourself sensibly in close confines. And the space we lack here in Tokyo doesn't seem to differ that much from the space my friends living in Manhattan have.

Too bad the book doesn't have the Look-Inside feature.

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