November Updates

November 2, 2006

Things happening in the tremendously busy month of November:

Nov. 16th: The Dirty Southern Politician Workshop: Last of the Red Hot Poppas Tokyo release party. Happening at Sanbancho Cafe here near Kudanshita. Details here.

Nov 18th: Bon Bon: Whiskey Bon Bon, performing at PLUG in Shibuya.

Nov 25th: Relax Night 4: Grandmaster doing one of our acousticy sets in You-q-an at Toritsudaigaku. Email me if you want more info on this event.

Also, this isn't technically a November item, but Whiskey Bon Bon has been booked to perform at the Shibuya Apple store on December 30th. So mark it in your calendars and head down for the free event. Should be a blast.

Our good friend and Kuhaku contributor, Roland Kelts, launches his mini-site for his upcoming book Japanamerica to be released by Palgrave in late November. Take a peek and pre-order via Amazon.

I'm heading back to the NY area at the end of November. Should be in the city for a few days so I'm looking forward to meeting up with all the old faces.

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I think this is some of the best photography i have ever seen. truly inspiring. Thank you

Jeremy White
Nov 13, 2006 - 07:51 PM

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