April? Already?

April 3, 2007

The cherry blossoms have come and they'll be gone in a day or two. Brief updates from the trenches.

So perhaps the most interesting news of the last month or so has been getting a small nod from HOW magazine for the Poppas cover design.

Other than that, we're quietly plodding away on a number of projects. I've been working with the fine folks at AQ, with whom I share office space, on a couple things. One in particular is a new lit-focused site about Japan. Hoping to launch in full by the end of April.

Four books. Yes, four books, are being simultaneously, masochistically produced here in Tokyo and over there in Seattle. Two have legs, and two are being loaded into the cannons. One has a definite launch for Sept 1st. The others, hopefully close behind. When working on book projects, especially those for which you have no particular hard-fast planning on, it can feel supremely disorienting. Frequent meetings with our printer out here in Tokyo getting quotes and pushing him to look into some new, interesting production techniques.

Ran into, amidst much design and art studying, a handful of beautiful old books in the Jimbocho area of the city. Beautifully hand-printed, woodblock, pressed full spreads, color still vibrant one-hundred years after the fact. Finding these little (actually, quite large) gems inspired me to shift the focus of the production of our newest book a bit, and I think it's going to be much better for it.

Fingeres crossed, morning yoga and meditation penciled in (but often overlooked), 200km in May on an island, diving headlong into brick walls, this Tokyo fine-design stalwart.

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