Hitotoki New York

September 27, 2007

Hitotoki New York Launches!

We've managed to gather quite a nice collection of stories for the launch. Some highlights include:

Hitotoki New York 007 by Khoi Vinh: "Port Authority is an ugly building. About that there can be no debate. It has the kind of facade people can’t bear to stare in the face of for very long, like a scarred victim. But that perceived repulsiveness is rooted, I’m sure, in the services in which it deals. Is there a form of transportation known to Westerners that’s held in lower esteem than the bus?"

Hitotoki New York 002 by Kseniya Melnik: "A boy threw a ball my way, but I was too slow to catch it. The chess-playing men looked at me with suspicion. A pack of pigeons took off into the sky. I felt suspended between worlds."

Hitotoki New York 008 by Michael Maiello: "Lying on the cement steps across from us, shirtless Boris Yeltsin’s skin reddens as he reads a book. His lips move as he peruses the pages. We sneak toward him to see what he’s reading. It’s a book about how to flip real estate for profit."

A big thanks to Matt Rand, the editor at large for the New York version. And Chris and Paul from AQ for being co-conspirators in the project.

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