Holidays 2008

December 22, 2007

Off for a few weeks.

Off to hole myself up in the mountains for a month or so. Objectives? Good food. Many, many massages. Shanghai Crab. Relax. Run. Sleep. Laugh. Pump Iron. And, actually, as pathetic and dorkish as it may seem, get some (= a lot of) work done on a few (= many) personal projects (including getting Hitotoki London launched). Tokyo, I love ya, but you're a productivity sink-hole between now and the middle of January.

2007 has been one hell of a year (aren't they all, really?). To unceremoniously (impossible to do ceremoniously) toot (blow) my own horn, even just looking at the last 30 days there's been a full (42km) marathon (Kawaguchi-ko), the Consortium (our distributor) publishing conference in NYC and a fun, successful (if by no other metric than book sales) evening celebrating Goodbye Madame Butterfly.

Let's shake, chill, blend, yoga-a-cize and repeat that mantra for the next 12 months.

While gone I'll be connected but might not be particularly responsive until the new year.

Hope everyone has a great holiday rest and see 'yall in 2008.

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