Monks in Tibet

March 17, 2008

I briefly emerge from my cave for an update ...

I've been in a place of deep concentration and focus these past two months, finishing up the Art Space Tokyo book. Tonight is the first night in about 3 weeks that I've stopped working before 3am so I decided to post this small series I took in a cafe near the base of Drepung Monastery, Tibet. This posting was prompted mainly in part by the recent riots, although truth be told, I've had these images sitting on the server for weeks. I had just been waiting to redesign (widen) my site layout before putting them up. Nevertheless, I hope these show the 'normal' side of life in the area. That is to say, the intensely humane, calm and downright, dare I say, magical side of the monks when they aren't forced to fight back against religious oppression.

China having political control over the region wouldn't be an issue if they had any sense of respect or reverence for the people, customs or culture so deeply part of Tibet. Let's hope Tibet is able to leverage the fact that the eyes of the world are on China now, olympic reasons or otherwise.

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