An Open Tibet: 2 / 30

April 9, 2008

2 of 30 from the Open Tibet series.


Above: Two women spinning a giant prayer wheel in a small temple in Lhasa.

Wikipedia as usual, does a better job than I ever could explaining what prayer wheels are precisely. It was quite a wonderful surprise stumbling upon these women. They were still happily spinning away thirty minutes after taking this photo.

News on the Olympic front: The flame arrives in San Francisco, this after a couple of protestors scaled the Golden Gate Bridge and hung a Free Tibet banner. All the while China responds in their predictable ridiculous rhetoric with "We express our strong condemnation to the deliberate disruption of the Olympic torch relay by 'Tibetan independence' separatist forces regardless of the Olympic spirit and the law of Britain and France". Will be interesting to see if the torch makes it through San Francisco on Wednesday.

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