Jan 02, '08

Two Things That Must be Said!


Two very important things to be said at this moment:

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Dec 22, '07

Holidays 2008


Off for a few weeks.

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Nov 20, '07

Sukiyabashi 3-Star Jiro


Mr. Jiro's Eyes

Sukiyabashi Jiro, the mind-blowingly delicious Sushi shop I photographed in 2006 was just awarded 3 stars by Michelin.

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Sep 27, '07

Hitotoki New York


Hitotoki New York Launches!

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Sep 21, '07

Madame Butterfly Book Porn


Some photos and details on Goodbye Madame Butterfly.

May 04, '07 Launches!


hitotoki launches, and on time to boot!

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Apr 10, '07
(0) pre-launches.

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Apr 03, '07

April? Already?


The cherry blossoms have come and they'll be gone in a day or two. Brief updates from the trenches.

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Feb 28, '07

Tokyo Short


February is almost done, some updates and news on the way but for now this ...

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Dec 31, '06

And on that note ...


A quick note to end the year.

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Nov 02, '06

November Updates


Things happening in the tremendously busy month of November:

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Sep 19, '06



Good friend and writer Joseph Badtke-Berkow has just launched his new site.

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Jun 13, '06



I've added a music page to the about section. It's an incomplete but nevertheless pretty good collection of music I've been involved with over the past 6 years. Enjoy the MP3s!

Jun 13, '06

June Rain in Tokyo


Sorry for the lack of updates. Lots going on here as usual. Here's a quick rundown of what's happened in the past couple of months ...

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Mar 07, '06

New Space


Survived the travels of February.

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Jan 04, '06

2006 - Dogs and Books


Happy New Year!

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Oct 11, '05

canned coffee goes global



Finally, it's done. After months and months of ... procrastination and stagnation, we worked like maniacs over this holiday weekend and finished it.

Go, drink, and maybe even buy something!

Oct 03, '05

space: compact living


Space: Japanese Design Solutions for Compact Living

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